WarSocial Tutorial

WarSocial is an online social strategy game similar to Risk; you play on a virtual tabletop map, and your goal is to conquer as much territory as possible.

Joining a game

Once you’ve signed up for a free WarSocial account, you’ll be immediately shown one of the current tables. You can click ‘sit’ to join that game, but if it’s already underway, then you can also move to another table by clicking on the ‘lobby’ to look at other open tables or even create your own. Making a table couldn’t be simpler - just pick a map, pick the number of players you’d like to limit it to (2-7), and you’re done.

Initial set up

Once you’ve picked your table, and ‘sat’ down, you’re ready to play. At the beginning of a game, the map will be divided up randomly between you and the other players. You can tell which sections currently belong to you, because they’ll be the same colour as the avatar displayed above your name. If you want to see more player-specific information, you can check the ‘stats’ box to display the number of dice and lands each player has.

Each section will have a stack of dice on it, and the number of dice in each stack is also random at the start. You can think of these dice as your soldiers; the more you have on one section, the more well-defended that territory, and the better your chances of going forth and conquering a neighbouring territory.

Your turn

The chat box will say when it’s your turn, and a green bar will appear under your name to count down the time you have remaining - the time limit adds pressure which makes the game more exciting. Don’t worry, though, the timer is reset each time you make a move.

Making moves is simple, and involves nothing more than clicking on one of your territories and then on a neighbouring, enemy-controlled territory. The dice on both lands will be rolled, and the highest total wins the battle. Think of it like soldiers again; you’re far more likely to win a battle if you have twice as many soldiers, though chance (if they roll two sixes and you roll four ones, for instance) might still lose you the fight. If you win, all but one of your dice will migrate to the newly-captured territory. If you lose, you don’t lose the territory, but you do lose all but one of your dice.

You can make one move for each area of land you have which is neighboured to enemy territory, but it can be wise to hold back, since leaving a lot of lands with only one die to defend them can leave the other player able to make a swift comeback. If you want to end your turn before the timer runs out, just click ‘end turn’.

Between turns

After your turn has ended, you’ll get more dice - the same number of dice as you have territories in your biggest group of lands, though they are distributed randomly. Using the soldier analogy, you might imagine that you can afford only one training centre, so you have it on the biggest land mass, and this training centre is able to train one soldier per territory in that land mass per turn, though once they’re available to fight they are assigned their territories randomly.


From the above, a few strategies may have become apparent. What at first glance might look like a very simple game can actually be highly tactical, competitive, and - thanks to the time limit on turns - high adrenaline. Here are a few strategies you might want to consider:

1) Don’t just make as many moves as you can.
Any territories left with just one die will be much more likely to be conquered by other players.

2) Try to connect your lands as soon as possible.
Spend your first few turns trying to link up your scattered territories so that when you are assigned more dice you get as many as possible.

3) Cut up your opponents’ land masses.
Just as it benefits you to have connected lands, so too will it benefit the other players, so try to break up their land masses by conquering those connecting territories.


You win when either you’ve conquered all the land there is, or all the other players have forfeited the game. Winning gets you points, which in future will enable you to play with other players of a similar skill level. Building up a lot of points will bump you up the leaderboard, which in turn can win you real cash.

Good luck!

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