Map Center and Authoring Tools Released!

The WarSocial Team is proud to announce the release of the new Map Center and Map Creator.  Users can now create their own maps and start playing them with friends immediately.  Users also can vote on their favorite maps and browse authored maps in the Map Center.

  • Users can see their maps and create new maps via a new Maps section in their profile:


  • Press “Create New Map” and now you can start designing a brand new map using our Map Creator tool:


  • Once you are finished designing your map, press “Save Map”:


  • Now you can view your map in the Map Center and create new games using it!



-WarSocial Team

New maps + daily bonuses for playing!

Leaderboard Top5 Chart

Leaderboard Top5 Chart

Sneak Peek:  Profiles

Sneak Peek:  Profiles

Multi-day games are off to a great start.  Here is a graph that shows the amount of multi-day turns taken a day (blue line). 

Multi-day games are off to a great start.  Here is a graph that shows the amount of multi-day turns taken a day (blue line). 

So once you identify a potential candidate for a silent truce, how do you start it? Well you do something to signal the player. With another veteran it is simple. […]

Continued at link below…

Season 5 Begins + Multi-day games

Season 4 Winner

Congratulations to Scruffy for winning Season 4 at

Multi-Day Games

Also be sure to check out the new WarSocial game type, Multi-Day games.  Multi-Day games play like regular games with one small difference.  Your turn is a full 24 hours long.  This game mode is great for players who are crunched for time and prefer to play at a slower pace.  Email notifications will remind you when it is your turn and you have a full 24 hours to take that turn before your it is skipped.  Even regular players will find this mode interesting because of the unique style of game play and the ability to have many of them running simultaneously; thus ensuring a daily regiment of turns to play.

There are already over 40 active multi-day games running so come join the fun!

New WarSocial redesign has been released.  Enjoy!

New WarSocial redesign has been released.  Enjoy!

Announcing Team WarSocial, Happy Hours, Multi-Day Games and more!

We have some exciting news to announce. We now have daily Happy Hours, we’ve started multi-day games, we’ve finished up season 3 and season 4 has begun, we’re putting the finishing touches on a complete redesign of the site that includes trophies medals and badges and we are announcing Team WarSocial (read the entire post, we saved the best for last).

Happy Hours

We are now having daily Happy Hours at 4pm EST / 9pm GMT / 4am UTC+8. 250 bonus points for the top 5 points earners and 100 points for anybody who plays at least 2 games.

Multi-Day Games

We’ve finished and are currently testing multi-day games, where you don’t have to be online at the same time to play. When it’s your turn you get an email and have 24 hours to make your move. 

These games aren’t available to all players yet but the first 6 people to join this game can try it. The others can watch :)

Season 4 has begun

Season 3 has finished. Congrats to the winners: results are here.

Season 4 runs now thru September 15th. 

Coming soon: Site redesign, including trophies, medals and badges

We are nearly finished with a complete re-design of the site and we think you’ll really like it. Part of the re-design is the introduction of trophies, medals and badges. 

The trophies:

-Gold for season winners

-Silver for 2nd place

-Bronze for 3rd place

-Top 10 medal

-Top 25 medal

-Top 100 medal

Badges for:

-Alpha testers

-Team WarSocial 

Team WarSocial, what is that? Glad you asked…

Announcing Team WarSocial

For a limited time we are accepting applications to be a part of Team WarSocial.

Team WarSocial members will get early access to new features and a private forum where our product roadmap is discussed and planned. This means they will be in a unique position to shape the future of the site. Team WarSocial will also be the group where we choose the admins of our Twitter, Facebook and blog, our forum and game moderators, our Happy Hour hosts and other site staff. If you have an interest in doing any of those, the only way is to first be a part of Team WarSocial.

The first new feature Team WarSocial members will have access to is the ability to create and join multi-day games. They’ll also get the site re-design before everybody else. 

To apply you must meet the following requirements: 

-You must love WarSocial, games and startups

-You must be willing to play at least 50 games per month and host at least one Happy Hour per week (we’ll be adding additional times if 4PM EST doens’t work for you)
-You must have a positive attitude and not be overly critical or cynical.
-You must be willing to recruit new players and act as an ambassador to WarSocial, welcoming newbies and showing them the ropes.
-You must be willing to test new features and give us feedback and actively report bugs.
-You must apply by August 25th at 12am EST. 

To apply email with why we should select you and how you can help make WarSocial awesome. You can also post on the forum if you don’t mind applying publicly. 

We are going to select a few people to get things started and then expand the group as time goes on. Don’t be insulted if you miss round 1, even if you’ve been around a lot.  

We will not be accepting applications after August 25th at 12am EST. Why? We think people who are motivated enough to be good contributing team members will have found out and applied by then - and we only want people who are truly committed.

We can answer any questions via email or on the forum. 


-Team WarSocial :)

Welcome our new community manager!

I’d like to introduce everyone to the newest member of the WarSocial team - Jurgen, who will be our Community Manager.

Jurgen has been a contributor and advisor to KDice for many years and we admire his dedication to the game along with all of the great ideas he has for how to make WarSocial better.

As a community manager Jurgen will be a representative of your interests and an organizer of WarSocial events.

As always you can contact anyone on the WarSocial staff via email, chat or the forum but Jurgens role will specifically be to facilitate this communication and keep you informed of the changes we’ve made and are making.

Please join me in welcoming Jurgen to the WarSocial team.


Jurgen sends this message:

Hey guys. KDicers will probably know me but I would also like to introduce myself to all the new players that are slowly but steadily finding the site. After long and interesting talks with Deadcode and Scratch, we agreed that I could be of good help to make this site a great success.

But let’s make one thing clear from the start. I’m not interested in modding warsocial and being the bad guy overhear. This is a different site with different ideas, different rules and fresh starts for everyone.

I think I can play my best role for this site by being a link between the community and the developersWe’ve been thinking about how we are going to describe my title and community manager seems to cover my function best.

Players will always be able to post things in the forum, contact the site by mail etc. But you need eyes and ears at the tables as well and obviously one person can’t do all that on his own. So when I have time, I’ll be here. New players can contact me with noob questions but essentially anyone can come to me with remarks, complaints or suggestions. I’ll lobby for the good ideas and I will constantly be trying to “sense” which sentiments live in the community.

Actually community manager is just a title so the new players will know who to find when they have problemsOther than that, I’m just going to be playing and enjoying the site like the rest of you.


Anonymous asked: Not sure if it's just me or what..when I uncheck the sound box, the sound continues anyway. If I'm doing something else at the same time which also has sound, I don't want to hear all of the sounds on Warsocial. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for notifying us about this bug.  We fixed it and it should now work.  -deadcode

Season 2 results

You can now view archived seasons from the leaderboard page. Here are the results from season 2 which ran from June 15th-July 15th. 

Season 3 runs July 15th-August 15th.

Good luck!

Coming soon: multi-day games and tournaments

We’ll be turning the turn timer off for some tables in the near future, so you can play games with people who aren’t online at the same time as you. We think this will solve a major pain point right now: not having enough people online at all times to get games going. It would also be pretty cool for tournaments allowing lots of people to play them. 

Version one will probably be a large tournament where you have something like 24 hours to take your turn. The tournament would finish as fast as people made their moves, probably stretching out over a couple of weeks. 

If things go well we’ll probably add another tab in the game lobby for non-live games and add another option to Create Game that will allow people to create games with any number of players that would work in the same way. If people are online, they can play the game just like a normal one - but if they aren’t, you can still play games over a few days or a week etc.

This is still in the planning phase, so if you have feedback or ideas, please let us know now. 

Expect this in the near future because it wont be very difficult to build. It’s really just a matter of creating a new class of tables and altering the turn-timer for those tables.

Special thanks to jijo and jurgen for their work and ideas on this.

Best two days ever

Last two days have been amazing for us. So many new players trying the game and lots of our regulars playing a lot. Thanks so much to everybody who stuck with us to get to this point. This is only the beginning!

Our $500 leaderboard contest has been completed. Congrats to the winners!

1st ($150) montecarlo 113101

2nd ($100) chaiN 56568

3rd ($75) zaid 134325

4th ($50) Saxdude 22805

5th ($25) hello 18984

6th ($20) Joero 13595

7th ($20) LSshooter 12659

8th ($20) Bamomatic 11175

9th ($20) JackHerer 10375

10th ($20) Dottir 9797